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Sweeping Changes in IRS Form W-4 coming for 2020

Nov 05, 2019

Any employee beginning a new job after January 1, 2020 will need to complete a brand new 2020 W4. Also, all employees looking to make changes to their withholding after January 1, 2020 will also need to use the updated form. Please contact us with questions or requests for the revised form.

New Ohio Withholding Rates Are Coming

Nov 01, 2019

The Ohio Department of Taxation has released new withholding tables effective with payrolls that end on or after January 1, 2020. Employees who have Ohio income tax withheld from their pay may notice a decrease in the amount withheld giving them a bit more in their take-home pay.

New tax tables can be found here.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Holiday Hours 2018

Dec 04, 2018

Our offices will be closed from the close of business on Friday, December 21 through noon Wednesday, December 26. The following week we will be closed from noon Friday, December 28 through noon Wednesday, January 2. If you have a payroll that may be affected by these changes, please plan accordingly.

Tuesday, December 25 and Tuesday, January 1, 2018 are federal bank holidays.

New Federal Tax Tables Implemented

Jan 26, 2018

You may notice more money in your take-home pay now that the new federal tax tables have been implemented. Please take some time to make sure your tax withholding status accurately reflects your situation.

Ohio will not be a credit reduction state for FUTA this year.

Jun 05, 2017

After having been a credit reduction for each of the past five years prior to last year, Ohio is once again off the list as a credit reduction state, which means employers will receive full credit for state unemployment taxes paid when it comes to time to report federal unemployment wages at the end of 2017.

City of Toledo revenues higher than anticipated this year.

May 31, 2017

The mayor of the city of Toledo announced that due to several factors, the city will have more to spend than it anticipated. This includes increased revenues from income taxes and traffic fines (read: camera-based tickets) as well as savings from lower workers compensation and health care costs. The number could be $7 or 8 million.

The numbers are not certain and there will likely be no surplus since city financing is largely a shell game anyway.

Monroe Street overpass to close for three months

May 22, 2017

The Monroe Street overpass above 1-475 is set to close on May 30 for 90 days. Monroe Street is a major artery running through West Toledo. The detour will burden the already over-burdened Secor Rd corridor.

City of Sylvania Nets Nice Chunk of Cash in Sale of Property

May 17, 2017

The City of Sylvania took over a run-down property near the corner of Erie and Maplewood more than twenty years ago and turned it into a nice rental property. A tenant of a significant chunk of the property ceased operations recently and the city sold the property to a couple who plan to turn that space into a brew pub. Beyond the rents earned over the past years, the city nets just under $500,000 on the sale.

Toledo Blade story can be found here.

URGENT: Be on the Alert for a Popular Phishing E-Mail Scam

Jan 30, 2017

To maximize awareness, the Ohio Department of Taxation is sharing a renewed alert from the Security Summit regarding a phishing e-mail scam which targets payroll or human resource departments requesting employee W-2 information. Please visit www.irs.gov for additional information.


The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the tax industry today renewed their warning about an email scam that uses a corporate officer’s name to request employee Forms W-2 from company payroll or human resources departments.

This week, the IRS already has received new notifications that the email scam is making its way across the nation for a second time. The IRS urges company payroll officials to double check any executive-level or unusual requests for lists of Forms W-2 or Social Security number.

The W-2 scam first appeared last year. Cybercriminals tricked payroll and human resource officials into disclosing employee names, SSNs and income information. The thieves then attempted to file fraudulent tax returns for tax refunds.

This phishing variation is known as a “spoofing” e-mail. It will contain, for example, the actual name of the company chief executive officer. In this variation, the “CEO” sends an email to a company payroll office or human resource employee and requests a list of employees and information including SSNs.

The following are some of the details that may be contained in the emails: Kindly send me the individual 2016 W-2 (PDF) and earnings summary of all W-2 of our company staff for a quick review. Can you send me the updated list of employees with full details (Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Home Address, Salary). I want you to send me the list of W-2 copy of employees wage and tax statement for 2016, I need them in PDF file type, you can send it as an attachment. Kindly prepare the lists and email them to me asap. Working together in the Security Summit, the IRS, states and tax industry have made progress in their fight against tax-related identity theft, cybercriminals are using more sophisticated tactics to try to steal even more data that will allow them to impersonate taxpayers.

The Security Summit supports a national taxpayer awareness campaign called “Taxes. Security. Together.” and a national tax professional awareness effort called “Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself.” These campaigns offer simple tips that can help make data more secure.

Holiday Schedule

Dec 14, 2016

Our offices will be closed on Friday Dec 23 through Monday Dec 26, 2016 and then again Friday Dec 30 through Monday Jan 2, 2017. Happy holidays from all of us at Buckeye Payroll Services.

Ohio Minimum Wage Increasing

Dec 06, 2016

Ohio's minimum wage is increasing by a few cents on January 1, 2017. The new wage is $8.15 ($4.08 for tipped employees). The increase is to adjust for inflation.

Office Closure July 22-25

Jul 06, 2016

Buckeye Payroll offices will be closed Friday July 22 through Monday July 25. We have contacted those who have payroll that is processed during those times.

BWC True-Up Program Has Begun

Jul 05, 2016

Please look for a very important request for information forthcoming from Buckeye Payroll Services regarding the BWC True-Up Program.

Payroll Offices Closed Presidents' Day

Feb 12, 2016

The offices of Buckeye Payroll Services will be closed Monday, Feb 15, 2016. This is a federal banking holiday and there is no US Mail service.

Offices will reopen Tuesday, Feb 16.

Holiday Hours

Dec 16, 2015

The offices of Buckeye Payroll Services will be closed on the following days.

Thursday Dec 24 Friday Dec 25

Thursday Dec 31 Friday Jan 1

Please send payroll information as early as possible these two weeks.

Thank you.

Thanksgiving Hours

Sep 04, 2015

Buckeye Payroll Services will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 26 and 27 for Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for your consideration.

Have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!

New Withholding Rates in Ohio

Aug 04, 2015

The Ohio Department of Taxation has issued new employer withholding tables to be used for payrolls that end on or after August 1, 2015.

The new tables take into consideration the income tax rate reductions that went into effect when The Budget Bill was signed into law on June 30, 2015. The tables reflect a 3.1% reduction in the withholding rates previously in effect for 2014; the new tables are to be used for the remainder of calendar year 2015 and in future years.

The new withholding tables are posted on the Employer Withholding Tax Web page. The tables include the percentage method for calculating withholding as well as daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly tables.

If you have any questions regarding the new withholding tables, please contact us at (419) 472-7377 or e-mail your question to us.

Maintenance Complete

Jul 13, 2015

We have completed the security maintenance on MyBPSWeb and all systems are go. Thank you for your patience!

Maintenance on MyBPSWeb

Jul 10, 2015

Currently the client side, MyBPSWeb, is undergoing routine maintenance. Your information may be obtained by typing ""http://MyBPSWeb.com" in the address bar of your browser. We expect to resume routine operation by Monday.

Experiencing a Technical Issue

Jul 10, 2015

The client side, MyBPSWeb, is currently experiencing a technical issue relating to a security certificate. We are working to repair this issue. Your patience is appreciated.

Ohio BWC and Buckeye Payroll Services

Jun 09, 2015

As you may be aware, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation is changing the manner in which it collects premiums from Ohio employers. Effective June 30, 2105, premiums will be paid on a bi-monthly basis and will be paid from an invoice received from BWC.

As a matter of policy going forward, Buckeye Payroll Services will be unable to process your BWC payments unless we receive your bi-monthly invoice. This is, of course, subject to change as the practices of BWC change.

New Ohio BWC Payment Process

Jun 02, 2015

Employers across Ohio are receiving a mailing from Ohio BWC outlining the new process for BWC billing. The letter is for budgeting purposes and shows the employer an estimate of what they can expect to pay in the Fiscal Year 2015-2016. If you have any questions, you may consult with BWC. The mailing is not a bill, but simply an estimate of what the payments will look like.

The official invoice will be released in August.

US Postal Service Causing Headaches and Delays

May 29, 2015

The processing of outgoing mail from Toledo is now being handled in Detroit. This is unpopular among postal workers in Toledo, and the dissatisfaction has led to long delays of the delivery of outbound mail, even mail addressed to a Toledo address.

We are doing everything we can to craft a solution that works for everyone, and it isn't easy. We appreciate your patience with us, and encourage you to voice your dissatisfaction with the way the system is being run at this point in time.

Please consider enrolling in direct deposit and eliminate the worry over late-arriving pay checks. Ask us for more information.

Summer Friday Hours Starting May 8

May 08, 2015

Buckeye Payroll Services offices starting reduced Friday hours for the summer on May 8, 2015. Offices will close early afternoon on most Fridays through the summer.

Special Hours Monday, May 4, 2015

May 01, 2015

The staff of Buckeye Payroll Services will be attending a conference on Monday, May 4. If you have need of service that cannot wait until Tuesday, please send an email to one of the staff members, or complete the request (get a quote) form on this site and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Phone Service Outage

Feb 25, 2015

As of noon on Wednesday, Feb 25, our phone service, including our fax line, is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. This maintenance should be completed by 4:00 PM today.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need to reach us, please send an email to cdavis@buckeyepayroll.com or you may fax to (419) 479-3960.

Thank you for your patience.

December Holiday Hours

Dec 09, 2014

Our offices will close AT NOON on Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) and will remain closed for the remainder of the week. The following week we will close at noon on Wednesday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve) and reopen on Friday under a limited schedule. If you have a payroll that may be affected by these changes, please plan accordingly.

Those with a Thursday pay day will shift to Wednesday, unless we are otherwise directed. Friday pay days will remain the same.

Minimum Wage Increasing for Ohio and Michigan Employers

Nov 24, 2014

The new minimum wage for most Ohio employers will be raised to $8.10 for regular hours worked beginning Jan 1, 2015. Wages for tipped employees goes to $4.05.

Michigan's minimum wage goes to $8.50.

The Ohio minimum wage applies to all employees who gross at least $297,000 per year.

Please let us know if you have any questions in this regard.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Nov 24, 2014

Our offices will be open through the end of business on Wednesday November 26, 2014, but will close for the remainder of the week.

We will reopen on Monday, December 1, 2014.

Office To Be Closed

Jul 28, 2014

The offices of Buckeye Payroll Services will be closed Thursday August 7 and Friday August 8.

MyBPSWeb Has Launched

Jun 03, 2014

This spring, we have launched a new online service called MyBPSWeb. Clients who take advantage of this service will have secure access to their payroll information on a 24/7 basis. This site also acts as a portal for entering payroll information, hours worked, etc. It offers convenient access to Buckeye Payroll from where ever you are.

Let us know if you are interested.

New Web Services Coming Soon

Apr 21, 2014

A brand new website is in the last few days of testing and will be launched shortly. Clients of Buckeye Payroll can take advantage of this online store of past and present payroll reports, tax forms, etc. It is a great service and offered only to current clients of Buckeye Payroll. For more information, click here.

Level 3 Snow Emergency - March 12

Mar 12, 2014

Lucas County is operating under a Level III snow emergency today and therefore the offices of Buckeye Payroll Services will be closed for the day.

You may email the staff if you have an immediate need for information by clicking here.

Payroll Forms Available.

Mar 09, 2014

Over the course of the next few days, all payroll forms will be available online in the RESOURCES section of this website.

Whether you need to hire a new employee or want to enroll in direct deposit, all the forms you will need will be available online.

Check back for updates.